ultra hold tape

1. The hold time is what makes the tape. We're talking about a 3-5 week holds! Which is a very big deal. I usually buy the pre-cut contour strips, but some people use rolls.

2. The second big game changer is Walker is the first company to put fingerprints in their tape. Why is a fingerprint important?

Fingerprinting reduces the shine, which makes your hairpiece less detectable. A very, VERY important issue if you want to have confidence while wearing your wig.

3. My third favorite thing about Ultra Hold Tape... it's the ONLY tape that comes in 72 piece mini bags. It's such a savings over other minis.

Ultra Hold Tape is my favorite tape for hairpieces. I've read lot's of online reviews and it's big in women's wigs too. Here's a few reasons it's the best tape on the market...

HairDirect.com has the best selection online for Ultra Hold Tape, but if you happen to be in business you can buy direct from the manufacturer: Walker Tape Co.