Ultra Hold Tape is the new king

in lace front wig tape. It has a

urethane carrier that's very flexible,

and uses acrylic adhesive that never gives up. It's been known to get hold times of up to 6 weeks. I usually buy

the pre-cut contour strips, but some people use rolls.

Ultra Hold Tape is my favorite tape for hairpieces. It's the most tacky, flexible, and longest lasting tape I've ever used. Not to mention the mini shape is so versatile. I use it on the front hair line, the sides, the back, wherever I need a strong consistent hold.

Walker Tape is the first to put fingerprints in their tape.


Why is this important?


Fingerprinting reduces the shine, which makes your hairpiece

less detectable. A very, VERY important issue if you want to

have confidence while wearing your hairpiece.

You can buy wholesale directly from the manufacturer Walker Tape Company

if you happen to be in business. Otherwise, you can find the best online retail selection of Ultra Hold Tape at HairDirect.com.